Interview with Sean Parks

Sean Parks won a seat in the election for a seat on the County Commission, but he is also winning through his service as a Board Member in South Lake Community Ministries over the last several years.  When he first started volunteering, it was the Buses n’ Backpacks program that caught his attention.  

 “What concerned me was the shocking stories of thousands of kids coming to school hungry,” said Parks. “I tried to envision how hard it must be to do math when you’re hungry. It is especially hard on the kids and no fault of their own.”  But as Sean elaborated, it was clear that he loves that this program provides more than just food to the students; it provides hope.  “You’re meeting the kids where they are at and opening the opportunity to ministry,” he explained.

seanspic-866x1024-copySean has enjoyed watching the Buses n’ Backpacks program grow over the years and hearing of meals fed and lives changed through this program.  But it isn’t only Buses n’ Backpacks that is growing, South Lake Community Ministries is growing and recently developed a new outreach program: Aviation Ministry.

 As a civilian, Parks says he is especially excited about Aviation Ministry.  He likes that it is a “one of a kind ministry” with nothing like it around.  This program uses a Cessna 152 to minister to youth here in South Lake County.  It just got off the ground with its first two students but the goal is to have up to 20 at a time. 

Sean loves that this program allows neighbors to “connect at risk kids with opportunities in aviation and matches them up with kids doing well in school.”  This program teaches students more than just how to fly an airplane… it teaches life skills and some students will be selected as mentors with a mission to reach out to other students who are having a hard time in school academically or even socially.  This innovative program will surely make a difference in the lives of the students involved.

While South Lake Community Ministries continues to grow and change, one thing that does not change is Sean’s desire to be a part of it.  “I know it is reaching the families spiritually,” he says and he couldn’t be happier to be a part of that. “In both my role as County Commissioner and Buses n’ Backpacks Board Member, I strive to be an example of servant leadership- serving Christ and putting others first.” 

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